Friday, January 1, 2010

My Friends The Bloggers

For those of you who happen to have other interests besides dogs (yes even I do!), I have some wonderful friends who are experts in their fields and who blog on a regular basis. Some business topics, some personal topics, but all worth reading!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their posts... and be sure to tell them The Top Dog says "woof"!

Jackie Dishner:
Susan Ratliff:
Stephanie Angelo:
Greg Petersen:
Bonnie Mattick:
Andrea Beaulieu:
Beth Terry:
Debra Exner:
Deborah Dubree:
Mimi Meredith:
Suzanne Holman:
Eileen Borris:

1 comment:

BIKE LADY said...

What else is there besides dogs, Top Dog?! C'mon, be serious. :-)

Woof right back atcha! ~Jackie