Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008s Been Doggone GREAT!

Lessons from the Fur Side

When I look back over the past 365, I COULD focus on economic issues, vicious political battles and international strife. By WHY BOTHER??? There's so much good to push to the forefront of our minds. And thanks to my fur kids Dizney, Cassie & Tracey... I have some great memories AND learned some great lessons.

Dizney's ever-passionate love affair with her beloved squeeky ball (ala the squirrel-rat's obsession with its elusive walnut in the movie Ice Age) demonstrates the power of devotion and loyalty to that which you adore. Could be an object, a person, a career, or an idea. Dizney turned 11 this year but has a zest for life (and that darned ball!) that will keep her young and vibrant forever. What or who are YOU that excited about? What or who can't you wake up each morning raring experience? If you don't know... find out! And then, like Dizney, pursue it doggedly!!!

Cassie is the ultimate love machine. If there's a human to be rubbed against, she's there... front and center, ready to bestow her special blend of Golden sugar! She's an equal opportunity bellyrub recipient because in her eyes and mind, everyone is good. She has no unfounded, unnecessary fears or prejudices. Would that we two-leggeds could be so openminded and accepting. I have learned to look to the snout to learn what humanity should be all about. Cassie's snout (she's never been wrong yet!).

Happy-go-lucky Tracey demonstrates the bliss of "gam zu l'tovah" (Hebrew for "it is all for the good). Chewing contentedly on a nylabone one minute, whipping a stuffed toy around the next, romping with her friends at daycare twice a week, independently snoozing on her Mom's bed whenever the mood strikes her. A tandem lick of the tongue and a wag of the tail is her trademark... happy at BOTH ends. She continuously displays a satisfied expression on her adorable little face that clearly indicates she lives "for the moment"... and that the combination of those moments create a wonderfully satisfying life. That all she needs will be given unto her because there is unabounded good in the Universe. Take it from Tracey... it's the ONLY way to live!

A happy, healthy and doggone wonderful 2009 to you and yours from The Top Dog and her doggy daughters! Please log into The Top Dog's Blog regularly (perhaps register as a follower?) and be sure to share your thoughts about living FURvently!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

BONE-US Howliday Safety Tip

Keepin' The Tree Green...
and Your Canine Feelin' Fine!

In an effort to keep your live Christmas tree green well past the actual holiday, you may be tempted to add aspirin, sugar or commercial preservatives to its water. While they may be terrific for tree longevity, these products can create severe stomach distress, vomiting and diarrhea for tailwaggers that may stop by for a few refreshing slurps. Ditto for stagnant tree water… a breeding ground for bacteria.

Make sure your pet always has fresh water in his bowl so he doesn’t have to look under your tree for alternatives.

PSSST... just a few more days to participate in the survey in the left column of this blog! Your input may be different now that your poochy pal received his or her gifts so feel free to vote again! Hey, hound-sight is 20/20 vision!!!