Friday, January 1, 2010

My Friends The Bloggers

For those of you who happen to have other interests besides dogs (yes even I do!), I have some wonderful friends who are experts in their fields and who blog on a regular basis. Some business topics, some personal topics, but all worth reading!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their posts... and be sure to tell them The Top Dog says "woof"!

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Happy New Year 2010!

My fur kids are always so happy when January 1 rolls around. They hear my resolution about taking better care of myself... exercising more... and of course, that means more walkees for them! This year, they seem a bit skeptical. And why wouldn't they be, considering I have broken my resolution each year of Dizney's 13, Cassie's 8, and Tracey's 4 years of life. The issue is that I simply don't enjoy walking, so it doesn't get done.

I've realized that the trick is to find activities that I look forward to doing, so they become a joy rather than a responsibility. So this year, I've selected specific "quality time" stuff to do with each of my fur kids... things that both they and I are sure to make time for (yeah, like they have a busy schedule to keep tabs on, right?!).

My wet & wild diver Dizney and I are going to be joining a dock diving club where she can bellyflop to her hearts content in pursuit of her beloved green bally. My velcro dog Cassie and I are going to do the two step... or in her case, the four step... through freestyle dancing. And my super social youngest girl Tracey and I will be making bi-weekly visits to those who need cheering up through pet assisted therapy.

What does your K9 like to do that you can help nurture, all the while spending quality time and enhancing the bonding experience? Chances are there's an outlet for it just waiting! Agility, flyball, disc handling, lure coursing, tracking... there is no end to the possibilities.

And for those of you who enjoy brisk walks with a willing fur friend, don't think about it. Do like Nike says: Just Do It!