Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beauty Is Only Fur Deep!

In my eyes, all dogs are beautiful... both inside and out. That's why I was particularly taken aback when I opened my newspaper this morning to read and see that there is actually an annual World's Ugliest Dog contest held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California... and hoards of pet owners bring their offbeat looking canines to compete for that dubious title.

I personally would never subject my furbabies to such indignity. But then again, they are far from viable candidates! Now if there's ever a World's Most Irresistable Fur Face contest, I've got the winner, first and second runners up laying at my feet even as I type!

Well, a contest's a contest, and that means the winners have been named. Let's put our paws together for this year's World's Ugliest Mixed Breed, four year old BoxerX Pabst who's rather prominent underbite and distinctively scrunched up face was a real judge pleaser. Miss Ellie, a blind geriatric Chinese Crested Hairless earned top honors in the pedigree category.

Think YOUR dog deserves first place in a contest of any kind? Send me a picture and the title he or she should have and I'll see what I can do!