Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top 10 Howliday Safety Tips: Day 8

There's No Place Like Home... Or Is There???

Keep a close eye on your pets to make sure that they don't bolt or wander out while visitors come in and out of your house. If you have a cat or dog that is easily frightened, overly rambunctious or potentially aggressive, it is best to put him in his favorite room and close the door so he feels safe and secure. Be sure to put a sign on the door that restricts entry and to verbally explain the situation in advance to all guests.

Great Alternative Idea!
For those especially hustly-bustly situations... like this weekend's home-based holiday fetes... treat your fuzzy-faced kids to some respite at a facility that specializes in caring for "their type". In the greater Phoenix area, I HIGHLY recommend Villa La Paws... they provide fully supervised cage-free daycare and overnight slumber parties that will delight your dog with tons o' fun and interaction with 4-leggeds AND 2-leggeds alike in a fabulously spacious and doggy-friendly indoor/outdoor setting. My K-9 Kids LOVE it there, especially Tracey who visits a minimum of 2X/week all the year through! (Hey, every day's a holiday for her!!!). And good news for you feline fanciers... they also have Kitty Casitas to pamper your pussycat!

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