Friday, June 26, 2009


Lots of fun today when The Top Dog and Phoenix FOX10's Corey McCloskey visited one of the Phoenix companies celebrating "Take Your Dog To Work" Day! Really gave the phrase 'working your tail off' a whole new meaning!

Andrea Norman, president of marketing company Mind The Gap, had her 2-legged team members bring their 4-legged friends Lacey, Chalupa, Angel and Tracey. She acknowledged that having the furry ones at the office created a more congenial and creative environment (ideal for a marketing company... or ANY company for that matter!).

Just a reminder that one of the main reasons that Petsitters International created "Take Your Dog To Work" Day was to encourage pet adoptions. Please considering opening your heart and home to an animal (or two or three!) who needs a "woof" over its head through one of the rescue organizations in your community. There are over a hundred such groups in the Phoenix area alone; visit PACC911 for a listing of their purebred and mixed breed welfare partners. For those of you outside this area, Google the terms
  • 'adoption' or 'rescue'
  • 'dog' or 'Golden Retriever', 'Jack Russell', 'Poodle', etc.
  • and your city
Petfinder is another great online resource, as is a trip to your local shelter.

Okay, closing thought... you don't have to wait until next June's "Take Your Dog To Work" Day to enjoy all the benefits that this annual event brings. Get the tennis ball rolling by planting the seeds now for quarterly, monthly, or even weekly opportunities to spread the word about the joys of pet ownership throughout your company!

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